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01-05-15 Stumbling Towards The Light is #23 on 2015 RMR Roots Rock Chart

11-11-15  I made the finals of the 2016 South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest!

09-09-15 –Stumbling Towards The Light is #2 on The Roots Music Report’s Top 50 North Carolina Album Chart

Eric Bannan is a musical storyteller whose songs travel the bleak desert highways and lush mountain hollows of the heart. His sound is rooted in folk, driven by foot-tapping funk and seasoned with the blues. More than an entertainer, his mission is to build community with story and song. With over 30 years of performing experience, Eric’s shows are an energetic celebration of life, love and loss.

In May of 2012, on the day his Wild Places CD was released, Eric’s mother died suddenly. Eventually, he sat down to try and write his way out of the grief. During those countless early morning writing sessions he realized that his own story was more powerful than any he could make up. From this new wellspring of intent flowed the songs that make up the heart of Stumbling Towards The Light.

Eric spent the winter of 2014-2015 getting up at 4:30 AM to record the basic tracks on his laptop before getting his son ready for school. When spring arrived, he took the tracks to Chris Rosser’s Asheville, NC recording studio. There he spent 10 days with some very talented friends building up 11 songs that explore the darkness and doubt in our lives without losing sight of the hope and joy that sustain us. With guest appearances by Jonathan Byrd, Wyatt Easterling and Laurelyn Dossett, Stumbling Towards The Light gives voice to the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life.