A warm, humorous, engaging speaker, Eric would love to share his stories and songs in your house of worship. He has been called to share his art and craft to inspire, motivate for positive change and build community. In that spirit, Eric has completed a preaching practicum under the guidance of Rev. Thom Belote at his home church: Community Church of Chapel Hill Unitarian Universalist. 

What Church Leaders Are Saying:

“In a church rich with musical talent, Eric Bannan is one of our favorite musical guests. All around the sanctuary people leaned in as his songs spoke to them.  I found myself singing his melodies for days”   Rev. Thom Belote – Minister – Community Church Of Chapel Hill U.U.

“Eric presented his sermon “Weavers and Threads,” coupled with two of his original songs. The two elements worked together beautifully . Our members were delighted with the results. We look forward to seeing him again sometime down the road.”
Ginny Moreland
Chair, Sunday Service Associates
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley

Sample sermon topics include:

Weavers and Threads:  When we tell a story, we weave together the threads of our personal experience and beliefs; we express our values, even sometimes unintentionally. When someone hears our story and they are moved or inspired by it,  a little strand from that thread connects the teller and the listener at the heart. We will explore how our personal stories connect us as families and as a community.

World Changing 101 – Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness. You are changing the world whether you like it or not! Inspired by David LaMottes’s book and work for social justice we will explore how the choices we make make more difference than we realize. We will take a look at how big change can be made up of small changes. 

Faith, Hope and the Chicago Cubs – Growing up on the North side of Chicago, I spent many an afternoon playing stick ball in the alley behind my apartment building. The Chicago Cubs baseball team were my heroes. They were however, lovable losers. “Wait until next year” was the phrase we used when they fell short of my heroic expectations. We will look at the role faith and hope play in my enduring relationship with the Cubs.

Music: Eric’s songs are a big part of creating a memorable, uplifting service. His song You Are Welcome here has become an anthem for welcoming congregations. The choral arrangement for this song is available for free.