A Better Look At Life

Eric Bannan
Folk Funk
  1. A Better Look At Life -:-- / 3:14

A Better Look At Life

I load up my back pack, tarp and sleeping bag
When my day to day routine gets to be a drag
I lace up my hiking boots, take 3 days worth of food
I heading for the high country to gain some altitude

I love the mountains, love the climb
I love the journey, I get high
Up where the ridge line meets the sky
It’s where I get a better look at life

Out here there’s no TV, telephone or cars
Heaven tonight I’m sleeping underneath the stars
I get back to basics, troubles here are few
I stop and smell the wildflowers, taking in the view

I might get rained on or burnt by the sun
Life’s an adventure I’ll take it as it comes

Back at work on Tuesday I’m in a brand new groove
Nothing like a 3 day hike to change your attitude
When I start to wonder what I’m living for /do this for
I pack my gear, load my truck and head on out the door

Copyright 2014 Eric Bannan